Love Walk 2012. Cammino dell’Amore English version

Love Walk 2012. Cammino dell’Amore English version

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Love Walk 2012

August, 31st – September, 8th

An Artigiani dell’Amore project in collaboration with Punto a Capo Onlus

1.         The Love Walk

Love Walk 2012 aims to face separation, lack of sense of belonging to society, cultural superficiality and exploitation of nature, all issues concerning the relationship between mankind and land and between people and communities.

This attitude gives rise to phenomena highly degrading to humanity and environment: eradication, de-responsability, disintegration of social fabric, illegal construction, illegal waste disposal and indiscriminate exploitation of resources.
Underlying all this there is a specific development model, which provides a kind of relationship with nature and with individuals incompatible with the sustainability of life on the planet, from all points of view, from material to human one.
Love Walk is born with the intention to help finding and experience new ways of living, more careful and aware of the interdependence in the relationship between man and environment and between individuals within a single society.

  1. The contextSince many years all Europe is experiencing an intense revitalization of the main pilgrimage routes. This is due both to a renewed interest in journey activities with all its benefits and to a greater attention to historical and cultural processes these pathways featured, training identity of the entire European community.
    This phenomenon has a very deep meaning, because the pilgrimage routes have been always and everywhere the original matrix the territory is organized around. They convey, through people flow, an invaluable wealth of information crucial to structuring of individual and collective identities.
    The Love Walk fits within this context and in the territory crossed by Via Francigena route, in its southern trunk, specifically between Rome and Terracina (LT). This segment, unlike the one north of Rome, in fact, is still little known, popular and valued, while being integral part of the road network with ancient and rich history, art and natural beauty.
  1. General ObjectivesThe project has the following long term general aims:

    . Learning how to facilitate and improve relationship between people and with the land.

    . Rediscovery and appreciation of the southern trunk of Via Francigena

    . Promotion of sustainable and responsible forms of tourism linked to the southern trunk of     Via Francigena pilgrimages, through workshops, tours etc.

    . Interaction and aggregation between people through a significant event from cultural and         training point of view.

    . Stimulating awareness on following topics: the relationship between man and land, non-         violent communication between individuals, relationship with the land, with our own     culture, with the historical roots and ancestors, thus relationship among different           generations.

    . Rediscovery of rhythms and cycles of nature, to be re-integrated into an incrisingly     technological dailylife.

  1. Specific objectives            . Realization of the 2 nd edition of The Way of Love from 31st Aug to 7th Sept

    . Activities to increase awareness to the issues proposed.

    Initiatives, compatibly with concrete possibility and availability, will be realized with the participation and / or sponsoring by institutions, associations and collective subjects of various kinds (agencies, companies, foundations, etc..).

    5.         Activity

    . Itinerant workshop during Love Walk 2012;

    . Creation and publication on the web of video-daily reports during the 7 days of travel;

    . Daily updating with images and meditations, to be published on the web along the path;

    . Editing and circulation of a brochure about Love Walk 2012 themes;

    . At the pilgrimage end, writing and printing of 1000 copies of a useful guide for those   wishing to repeat the experience, with historical, cultural, geographical, tourist and documentary information.

    6.         Methodology

    The used method is based on

    . Interpersonal communication through various channels: brochures, videos, blogs, websites      and direct communication;

    . Training: workshops;

    . Cultural activities: guide book editing.

  1. 7.              Users

The Way of Love is for all those who want to learn the following topics:

. Interpersonal communication between people of different gender, age and culture;

. Relationship between man and land;

. Personal growth;

. Spirituality;

. Sustainable lifestyles.

For logistical reasons, the experience is unfortunately unavailable to those who are in such mental and physical conditions that don’t allow to walk about 20 km a day.

8.         Staff

For the realization of the Love Walk 2012 we’ll engage the following professionals:

no. 1 coordinator of all activities;

no. 1 graphic designer for brochures and guides;

no. 1 video maker, for the documentation of the Love Walk 2012;

no. 1 remote collaborator for video-editing and daily reports uploading on the web;

no. 1 expert in relationship between man and land, to conduct the workshop;

no. 1 professional personal coach, to conduct the workshop;

no. 2 writers, for the drafting of the final guide book.

Artisans of Love

Sandro Pravisani and Ilaria Cusano are husband and wife, believe in the importance of couple as the core foundation of society. They have been working since years in the field of personal growth and development of individuals and community through many tools (yoga, theater, Sacred Geography, Tantra, Alternative Medicine, and coaching). They love Nature and relationship with people as basic nutrients for life.


For the economic part of the project, contact  Artisans of Love at one of the addresses listed below. You can help achieve both by money and by providing for free one of the needed resources.



All supporters will be present at any time during the project and for the entire following year in various areas of the websites edited by Artisans of Love:

1 site, 2 blogs, 2 Facebook pages and 1 YouTube channel for a total of about 1560 monthly visits, Twitter and 2 Facebook profiles with a total of about 2160 (rising) users.

Sandro Pravisani: +39 347 49 29 087 – Ilaria Cusano: +39327857 64 51 –